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Get in the gym.  Be awesome.

If you take time to do this kind of strength work year-round, you will soon find that you feel better & move better in training.  You’ll be able to train harder, recover faster, and perform at a higher level in competition.

2016 Ironman World Championship

Run Program – featuring Kara Goucher


This is a 12-week, repeatable strength program designed to complement run training up to the marathon distance, featuring Kara Goucher.  Kara is a 3-time NCAA champion, 2-time Olympian, and silver medalist in the 10,000 meters at the 2007 World Championships.  She is a podium finisher of many races world-wide, including the New York City Marathon and the Boston Marathon.
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Off Season Endurance Training – Volume 1


This is a 4-8 week program designed to enhance a base building period. It is imperative to build strength in the off-season to ensure your speed and stamina continue to grow.
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Off Season Endurance Training – Volume 2


This is a 4-8 week program that continues the work started in Off Season Volume 1.  It contains many new movements to increase strength, keep the body in balance & ready to handle a heavier load.
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In Season Endurance Training – Volume 1


This is an 8-12 week program designed to establish a foundation of mobility, stability and strength at the beginning of the season.  It focuses on undoing the muscle imbalances created by repetitive movement and preparing the body for an agility and power training plan.
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In Season Endurance Training – Volume 2


This is an 8-12 week program that continues the work started in In Season Volume 1.  It presents new mobility and stability challenges as you gain mastery of movements, as well as introducing new movements to ensure that your body continues to be able to adapt to new stimuli.  When you move better, speed becomes easier & the specific strength gains will allow you to take on greater training loads.
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Agility, Strength & Plyometrics


This is a 8-12 week program designed to complement In or Off Season programming.  For healthy, injury-free athletes, this program contains 4 workouts meant to add agility, power and speed.  As endurance athletes, risk and reward must be managed well, and for that reason we recommend this program only to non-injured or rehabbing athletes. Best added in after 4-8 weeks of a foundational strength program.

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Pre-Natal Program – featuring Mirinda Carfrae


This a pre-natal program focused on refining strength and mobility as the body changes. The exercises can be adapted based on stage of pregnancy and personal limitations. Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae is one of triathlon’s most successful athletes with a professional career that spans over 10 years. She has claimed a spot on the Kona podium 7 times, including 3 wins. Rinny is known for her incredible strength on the run and is the current run course record holder (2:50:38) at the Ironman World Championships.

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Return to Kona Program – featuring Mirinda Carfare


This is the post-natal package built for Mirinda Carfrae that contains three complete programs.  The first program is designed to begin 6 weeks postpartum, the second program at 14-24 weeks, and the third program to begin at 24 weeks and lead into a competitive race schedule.  Each program is 8-12 weeks of training focused on strengthening the body with the goal of returning to competition healthy & injury-free.  Separately, each program is $159 but the package of all three programs is available for pre-order for $299.  The first program will be available January 1.

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Team Sirius Off Season Bundle


This is a 4-week off-season bundle of a strength program by ECFit Boulder & a run program by Siri Lindley & Rebekah Keat.  The program includes 4 runs per week with accompanying gym sessions.  Siri Lindley is a triathlon coach and former professional triathlete. She is the 2001 ITU Triathlon World Champion as well as the winner of the 2001 and 2002 ITU Triathlon World Cup series and 2001 ITU Aquathlon World Championships.  Rebekah Keat is a world class Australian female triathlete based in Boulder, Colorado. She has been racing triathlons at the elite level since her junior years with over twenty years in the sport. Bek has multiple wins in the Ironman and Half Ironman distance, and is a 5-time Challenge Shepparton winner.
Run & Strength $69
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