ECFit Boulder

Mobility. Stability. Strength. 

Founded by Erin Carson, ECFit Boulder is a sport-specific approach to strength training designed to support & complement high-volume endurance sessions.  With a focus on core elements of functional movement, the ECFit Boulder coaches work with many of the world’s best triathletes, cyclists, and runners every day from home base in Boulder, Co.  These athletes do the kind of work in the gym that allows them to train harder, longer, and without injury, then show up at the starting line ready to be competitive at the highest level.

ECFit Boulder at Home

But what about all the athletes that don’t live in Boulder?  Here’s the answer – ECFit programs are now available through ECFit Boulder – Mobile.  We will take you on an authentic & effective journey of strength training that allows you to train just like the pros – but from home.  The app includes videos of every exercise, suggested amount of sets, repetitions, weight and rest intervals – everything you need to prepare your body for the rigors of endurance training.

Get started now and be prepared to push your body to new limits in 2018.  Download the app (available on Google Play or the App Store for iOS), and then check out the wide variety of available programs to find a plan that’s right for you.